Will on-car digital advertisement catch on motor racing?

The first round of the F1 2023 calendar brought an exciting innovation to the racing world. McLaren introduced an on-car panel that doubles as a monitor and changes sponsor advertisements. This new technology has sparked a lot of discussion in the racing community. Will other teams follow McLaren’s lead? Will they keep it for the whole season? This blog post will explore these questions in more detail.

The world of advertisement is constantly changing, and motor racing is no exception. In the past, sponsor advertisements on racing cars would remain the same throughout the season. However, McLaren’s new on-car panel has revolutionized this approach. The panel allows for real-time changes to advertisements, giving sponsors more flexibility and a higher return on investment. This new era of advertisement could revolutionize the way sponsors approach motor racing, making it more attractive and profitable for them.

It’s too early to tell if other teams will follow McLaren’s lead and adopt an on-car digital advertisement. However, if the technology proves to be successful, it’s likely that other teams will quickly adopt it. The potential benefits for sponsors are clear, and teams that adopt the technology quickly will be more attractive to potential sponsors. As for McLaren, it’s unclear if they will keep the panel for the whole season. Much will depend on the success of the technology and the feedback they receive from sponsors.

The introduction of on-car digital advertisement has the potential to revolutionize the world of motor racing. McLaren’s on-car panel is just the beginning of what could be a new era of advertisement in the sport. Whether other teams will follow McLaren’s lead remains to be seen. However, if the technology proves to be successful, it’s likely that other teams will quickly adopt it. As for McLaren, it’s a matter of waiting to see how the technology performs and whether sponsors are happy with the results. Regardless of what happens, one thing is clear: motor racing is entering a new era of advertisement.

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