de la Espriella

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The Marketer

I have worked in communications and marketing since 2013. I co-created a complete digital marketing agency in 2019.

I am a designer, illustrator, and artist. I actually studied graphic design before anything else. My first jobs were intensively design focused.

Seeing a design in the real world and interacting with people makes the whole process feel like a little piece of magic.

I am and will always be a designer.

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The Photographer

Capturing moments that can tell a story is the goal of every photographer. As a photographer I'm not reinventing the wheel, but spinning it towards a direction where stories are told.

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The Videographer

Working with Toma4, Story Jar, and as a freelance filmmaker, the goal to create a one-of-a-kind story that would not only entertain, but also invest the viewer and make them into a part of the film is the essence of the work.